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Nanu NANU! 1 year 11 months ago #1

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Well, hello there.

Hmm... I guess I'm supposed to say something about myself. Well, here it goes!

I am a dude, I have dude hair and dude tattoos, and I like dude stuff like hello kitty and anime, and if you say that isn't dude stuff well... that is like your opinion, man.

I have been playing around in dark rooms since I was 12. I really enjoy the smell of emulsifier. Stop Baths are my favourite friends. Although I like the darkroom, I've been playing a lot more with digital lately. I've got a digital and an analogue camera, and know how to properly operate them. Whether or not the pictures are alright I guess that is up to each individual, but I think they more or less come out alright. I have been looking for people to chill and take photos with, maybe this group will work out.

That brings me to what I want out of this group. Well, I miss having artistic people to hang out with and play that whole inspiration concerto creatives seem to have when they are around other creatives. I think it is really important to be pushed and to push others to make art, to create, to evolve, to think outside of the box AND the frame. Art for me is a daily activity, much like breathing. I want to take interesting images and share them with the world.

Anyhow, I think that about does it. I guess if I come up with something else I'll go ahead and toss it into this thread or somewhere. I hope life finds you well, stay awesome sauce.

Always and forever.
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