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Welcome to the 'I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos' Blog

At least once a month we get out as a group on an organised outing of some description, and being a group of people who enjoy taking photos we usually come home with a very interesting and generally appealing selection of photos.  This blog is a record of where we have been and the photos we took at the time.

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Welcome to IJWTGP's Special Access & Tours Blog!

This is the exciting category; this is where we have been given special access or private tours in places that are usually either off limits to the general public or are usually jammed full of other people.

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Lotus Track Day

The Location: Donington Park The Event: Lotus Track Day The Mission: Panning!  Yep, another of our special access events thanks to tekker tracydavy's brother who was taking part in this event.  We're always on the lookout for special events and tours to take part in, put your ideas in the comments below or join our forum to connect with the group. Anyway, back to the story of the day; great fun, great cars and some…
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Old Factory Ghost Hunting

As amateur photographers there is nothing we enjoy more than an exclusive look around somewhere interesting, so when member ColinER managed to swing us an invitation to take a tour around a local Refractory Products manufacturing site we jumped at the chance.  Of course, there was talk of a ghost living somewhere on site, nobody has ever seen it but it is always there in the corner of your eye. Could the ghost hide from…
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Our Tour of the Curzon Cinema

It is no secret that the new Curzon Cinema in Sheffield used to be a bank; the words Sheffield Banking Co. Ltd. are etched under the Curzon sign above the front door.  We knew that this was a listed building that had been carefully and lovingly converted into an ultra-modern cinema, where many of the bank's original features were still in tact... but none of us were prepared for the first thing we saw on…
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Tour of the Sheffield Arena

December is always a tricky month to arrange outings so we decided to take this one indoors and had a poke around the Sheffield Arena.  The arena was set up for ice hockey when we arrived but it was still a lot warmer than it was outside! Poking around the arena gave us some great opportunity to play about with perspective and leading lines, plus the sharp contrast between the white ice and dark seating…
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'Steampunk Freddy' Photo Shoot

If you have been browsing through our blog discovering the various and vastly interesting tours and locations we have visited in our time then this one might strike you as out of the ordinary.  Nevertheless we are at heart a group of photographers who enjoy taking photos of interesting things and Steampunk Freddy certainly qualifies as an interesting thing. Thanks to Freddy (Matt) for patiently posing whilst we struggled to get to grips with focusing…
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Tour of the Henderson's Relish Factory

As much as we at IJWTGP enjoy a good walk around a reservoir we always get especially excited when we get to bring our cameras somewhere special that you couldn't just turn up to on your own.  Every now and again we are offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a tour behind doors which are usually closed; these are the photos from one of those opportunities. If you've never lived in Sheffield…
On the evening of the 15th October 2014 members of our group were given a guided tour of the Madina Masjid, the Mosque on Wolseley Road in Sheffield.  We were made to feel very welcome right from the start; our guides were very patient whilst we carefully photographed every inch of every room.  It was also pointed out that we hold the honour of being the first photography club to have been given access to this…
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Wortley Top Forge

May 2014 - By special arrangement the group was provided exclusive access to Wortley Top Forge, an industrial museum based in a 17th Centure Iron Forge.  We were treated to a personal tour by the volunteers plus tea and biscuits, then we were left to wander around the facsinating buildings taking photos as we went along. For more about Wortley Top Forge and their event schedules visit their website here.  They are also running a…
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St Mary's Church, Chesterfield

12th April 2014 - The group was given access to look inside the famous crooked spire of St Mary's church in Chesterfield.  Here are some of the photos. Manadh: Destitute // 12 04 14 by Manadh, on Flickr IMGP4904_April 12, 2014-Edit by Manadh, on Flickr Untitled by Manadh, on Flickr rpsmith79: #102 - St Mary's Church by RichPICings, on Flickr Crooked Spire by RichPICings, on Flickr 3 Is The Magic Number by RichPICings, on Flickr…
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Sheffield Central Library

February 2014 - Thanks to some master negotiating by our outings supremo we were able to arrange a special tour of Sheffield's Central Library. Here are some of the photos. Lost in the library // 17 02 14 by Manadh, on Flickr library by yorky2009, on Flickr library by yorky2009, on Flickr Photo book by gwynna, on Flickr Through the stack by gwynna, on Flickr So here are a couple from my attempts. Very challenging…
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Sheffield Fire & Police Museum

November 2013 - The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum very kindly granted us special access out of hours so that we could manouver around with our lights and tripods without getting in the way of other museum patrons. Here are some of the photos we came home with. Climbing the walls // 14 11 13 by Manadh, on Flickr The dark ones by Manadh, on Flickr Fire & Police Museum by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Fire…
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Vulcan Bomber

October 2012 - Back to the mechanical in October, we went to pay a visit to the Vulcan Bomber at Doncaster's Robin Hood airport.  Here the group's photographers were challenged with low lighting whilst trying to maintain a narrow aperture to get the massive plane in focus.              
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SYFR Training Session

August 2012 - The South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service very kindly allowed us to attend one of their training sessions, and they put on quite a show.  They even used some of our images for their website.                      
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Mercedes-Benz Sheffield

July 2012 - Our friends at JCT 600 invited the group to attend a two-day special event to launch a new car which we all thoroughly enjoyed!