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Welcome to the 'I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos' Blog

At least once a month we get out as a group on an organised outing of some description, and being a group of people who enjoy taking photos we usually come home with a very interesting and generally appealing selection of photos.  This blog is a record of where we have been and the photos we took at the time.

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Tour of the Henderson's Relish Factory

As much as we at IJWTGP enjoy a good walk around a reservoir we always get especially excited when we get to bring our cameras somewhere special that you couldn't just turn up to on your own.  Every now and again we are offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a tour behind doors which are usually closed; these are the photos from one of those opportunities. If you've never lived in Sheffield…
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2014 - A Reyt Gud Year Fer Tekkin Photos

The end of December is always crowded by 'year in review' articles where newspapers, magazines, blogs and everyone else struggle to fill in the blank space whilst all their best writers are on Christmas break.  Since we at IJWTGP have no decent writers we don't usually have this problem, but we have had such an interesting year in 2014 that we felt it deserved one last look back before we charge lens-first into 2015. A…
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Tour of the Sheffield Arena

December is always a tricky month to arrange outings so we decided to take this one indoors and had a poke around the Sheffield Arena.  The arena was set up for ice hockey when we arrived but it was still a lot warmer than it was outside! Poking around the arena gave us some great opportunity to play about with perspective and leading lines, plus the sharp contrast between the white ice and dark seating…
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Tekathon 2014 - Charity Photo Walk

The Tekathon is a new and hopefully annual charity fundraising campaign organised by I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos. For our first Tekathon we set ourselves the target of £414 (£1 for every member of our Facebook group as of July 2014) in aid of The Children's Hospital Charity.    The Tekathon 2014 Banner   The fundraising comprised two main activities, firstly a photo walk around Sheffield where all who took part would make a donation,…
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Peregrine Falcons @ St George's Church

5th June 2014 - The roof of St George's church in Sheffield is currently home to a family of Peregrine Falcons so a handful of tekkers packed their longest zooms and headed down to take a look. rpsmith79 Dinner Time by RichPICings, on Flickr Soaring Falcon by RichPICings, on Flickr Bringing Home The Bacon by RichPICings, on Flickr Jkphoto Sabbath18 Falcon-11 by yorky2009, on Flickr Falcon-1 by yorky2009, on Flickr Falcon-14 by yorky2009, on Flickr…
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Halloween in Whitby

For our November photo walk we decided to make an extra special journey to the east coast to take in the wonders of Whitby during Halloween weekend.  We met some very interesting people and took some amazing photos (if we do say so ourselves!).  Much credit to the folks who came dressed in all sorts out outstanding outfits, and thank you to all who let us point our cameras at them.  This really was street…
On the evening of the 15th October 2014 members of our group were given a guided tour of the Madina Masjid, the Mosque on Wolseley Road in Sheffield.  We were made to feel very welcome right from the start; our guides were very patient whilst we carefully photographed every inch of every room.  It was also pointed out that we hold the honour of being the first photography club to have been given access to this…
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Our First Exhibition - Eten 2014

31st March 2014 - Hanging day! Two days to go before the launch was hanging day for Our First Exhibition at Eten Cafe in Sheffield and though we were there to work some of us couldn't resist bringing our cameras along.   2nd April - Launch Party! After months of hard work and planning the exhibition launched with a party, a wonderful evening with great food, lovely people and some very appreciated artists.
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St Mary's Church, Chesterfield

12th April 2014 - The group was given access to look inside the famous crooked spire of St Mary's church in Chesterfield.  Here are some of the photos. Manadh: Destitute // 12 04 14 by Manadh, on Flickr IMGP4904_April 12, 2014-Edit by Manadh, on Flickr Untitled by Manadh, on Flickr rpsmith79: #102 - St Mary's Church by RichPICings, on Flickr Crooked Spire by RichPICings, on Flickr 3 Is The Magic Number by RichPICings, on Flickr…
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Our Tour of the Curzon Cinema

It is no secret that the new Curzon Cinema in Sheffield used to be a bank; the words Sheffield Banking Co. Ltd. are etched under the Curzon sign above the front door.  We knew that this was a listed building that had been carefully and lovingly converted into an ultra-modern cinema, where many of the bank's original features were still in tact... but none of us were prepared for the first thing we saw on…
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Sheffield's Skyline @ Night

9th April 2014 - Now that spring is here and the evenings are becoming more mild we decided to spend a few hours at the top of the amphitheatre behind the Sheffield train station to watch the sun go down over the city. Sadly we never saw the sun thanks to all the cloud cover but we still managed to get some good shots of Sheffield at night. Manadh:   Moggy:   Mesmorgan:   Here's…
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Walk Around Park Hill Flats

January 2015 - Urban Splash are now most of the way through the redevelopment of Park Hill Flats and there is now only 1 of the 5 phases left to be redeveloped, so we saw this as our last opportunity to have a look around what was left of the original streets in the sky.   We met on what was a chilly but sunny morning at the top of the amphitheatre behind the train…
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Sheffield Central Library

February 2014 - Thanks to some master negotiating by our outings supremo we were able to arrange a special tour of Sheffield's Central Library. Here are some of the photos. Lost in the library // 17 02 14 by Manadh, on Flickr library by yorky2009, on Flickr library by yorky2009, on Flickr Photo book by gwynna, on Flickr Through the stack by gwynna, on Flickr So here are a couple from my attempts. Very challenging…
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'Steampunk Freddy' Photo Shoot

If you have been browsing through our blog discovering the various and vastly interesting tours and locations we have visited in our time then this one might strike you as out of the ordinary.  Nevertheless we are at heart a group of photographers who enjoy taking photos of interesting things and Steampunk Freddy certainly qualifies as an interesting thing. Thanks to Freddy (Matt) for patiently posing whilst we struggled to get to grips with focusing…
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Tekathon 2014 Exhibition

On Sunday 28th September 2014, I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos - Photo Club (that's us) held a charity photo walk around Sheffield city centre which we dubbed Tekathon 2014.  Our objective was to take interesting photos of our city which we would then offer for sale in an exhibition later in the year. Our walk even captured the attention of The Star! We had the perfect conditions for taking great photos of Sheffield.  Town was…
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Slamfest 2013

July 2013 - The folks at Rotherham Art Events gave some of our members an amazing opportunity to have full backstage access to all stages and bands of Slamfest 2013 in Rotherham. Here is a small sample of some of the amazing photos from those lucky peeps. Slamfest Collage by happymillerman, on Flickr Temptation Temptation Collage by happymillerman, on Flickr The X-tatics IMG_4821 by happymillerman, on Flickr Havana Rocks IMG_4940 by happymillerman, on Flickr IMG_5062…
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Quest to find Little John's Pool

7th September 2014 - For our monthly outing for September we set out to find the fabled 'Little John's Pool' and although we didn't manage to find it we still had a lovely morning scrambling around in the forest. Here are some of the photos we took. Manadh Of the captivating coloursof autumn // 07 09 14 by Manadh, on Flickr mesmorgan IJWTGP Surprise View by They Were Invisible, on Flickr IJWTGP Surprise View by…
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Cleethorpes Sunrise & Donna Nook

November 2013 - We undertook our most ambitious outing to date on Sunday 10th November as we decided to take advantage of the shorter days to catch the sun rising over the sea in Cleethorpes. If was extraordinarily cold and such an early start but it really paid off as we came home with some stunning images. The Siren // 10 11 13 by Manadh, on Flickr The Shell by Manadh, on Flickr Sunrise, Cleethorpes…
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Humber Bridge

January 2014 - After our early start to Cleethorpes paid off with some stunning photos we decided to head back to the east coast to capture another sunrise, this time through the magnificent Humber Bridge. Unfortunately the weather wasn't so kind this time around and we never actually saw the sun, so we had to make do with some misty long-exposures instead. Here are some of our snaps from that wet morning.   The Humber…
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Longshaw Estate

September 2013 - For our September outing we once again returned to nature after a long stint covering urban landscapes. We had originally intended to go to Padley Gorge but we never got that far, so here are some of our snaps from our walk from the Longshaw Estate visitor centre to Burbage Brook. Scenic by Mov1eP3ycho, on Flickr Flow by Mov1eP3ycho, on Flickr         Swoosh by Manadh, on Flickr Untitled by…
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Wortley Top Forge

May 2014 - By special arrangement the group was provided exclusive access to Wortley Top Forge, an industrial museum based in a 17th Centure Iron Forge.  We were treated to a personal tour by the volunteers plus tea and biscuits, then we were left to wander around the facsinating buildings taking photos as we went along. For more about Wortley Top Forge and their event schedules visit their website here.  They are also running a…
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Sheffield Fire & Police Museum

November 2013 - The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum very kindly granted us special access out of hours so that we could manouver around with our lights and tripods without getting in the way of other museum patrons. Here are some of the photos we came home with. Climbing the walls // 14 11 13 by Manadh, on Flickr The dark ones by Manadh, on Flickr Fire & Police Museum by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Fire…
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Classics on The Moor 2014

3rd August 2014 - Classic cars of all shapes and sizes once again lined The Moor in Sheffield on a beautiful August morning so we decided to plan an extra August outing to see what we could point our cameras at.  We had a fun and family friendly day out with plenty of familiar faces and one or two new faces.   Scroll down for some of the snaps our members came home with. rpsmith79…
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Sutton Scarsdale Hall

September 2012 - In September we took a break from city life and went out to explore the ruins of Sutton Scarsdale Hall in Derbyshire.               DSC_2752 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2695 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2736 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2707 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2670 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2688 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2713 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2654 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2682 by Catherine-R, on…
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Langsett Reservoir

February 2014 - It's been a few months since we had a good old fashioned walk outdoors so we set a date and met up for a walk around Langsett Reservoir. It didn't rain much but it was dull and cloudy and extremely windy, but at least we got to walk a few miles and meet a few new people along the way. Here are a few of the photos we took on that windy…
%PM, %13 %905 %2014 %20:%Jul

Wyming Brook

July 2014 - Despite a chilly and slightly rainy start to the morning we had a very successful trek through the slightly tricky footing of Wyming Brook.  Spectacular scenery and stunning water flowing through the brook were the rewards on offer.   Here are a few of the snaps... rpsmith79 Mini Forest by RichPICings, on Flickr Wyming Brook by RichPICings, on Flickr Wyming Brook by RichPICings, on Flickr Wyming Brook by RichPICings, on Flickr Wyming…
%AM, %12 %041 %2014 %00:%Oct

Chatsworth Park

For our October 2014 'second weekend' outing we took a chance on the weather and planned to be outdoors.  Fortunately the gamble paid off and we were treated to some mysterious fog as we arrived at Chatsworth house, then as we progressed along our extended 8km walk around the outskirts of Chatsworth Gardens the fog lifted and we were treated to some spectacular views along with a few hidden gems scattered about the park. Oh…
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Using your Flickr images on the forum

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Firstly you are going to be need to make sure that your images are uploaded to Flickr! ;-) Then you need to go onto the image you want to show people (Go onto your Photostream and click on the image to load it up so that it looks like the view below) and click on the "more ways to share" button (as highlighted below)     This will open up the white tab shown above,…
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Chesterfield Canal

September 2013 - As a bonus outing a few of us took a stroll up the Chesterfield Canal starting at Kiveton Park, here are some of the snaps. Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal, Kiveton by RichPICings, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal, Kiveton by…
%PM, %20 %835 %2013 %19:%Oct

Rivelin Valley

October 2013 - Rivelin Valley has been right on our doorstep all this time, we finally made our way there for our October 2013 outing, here are some of our snaps. Oak Leaves by Manadh, on Flickr Le Petit Chaperon Rouge // 20 10 13 by Manadh, on Flickr What Used To Be by Catherine-R, on Flickr Bridge by Catherine-R, on Flickr Weir by Catherine-R, on Flickr Leaves by Catherine-R, on Flickr Rush by Catherine-R,…
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Evening Photo Walk in Sheffield

4th September 2014 - Now that the evenings are starting to draw in we felt it was time to kick off the night photography season by taking a stroll around Sheffield city centre on a Thursday evening. The idea was to get us all back into the swing of long exposure and light trails. Here are some of the photos we came home with: MoviePsycho Sparkles by Mov1eP3ycho, on Flickr Winter Gardens by Mov1eP3ycho, on…
%AM, %17 %318 %2014 %06:%Jun

Sutton Scarsdale Hall

June 2014 - As a group this was our second visit to Sutton Scarsdale hall, the shell of an imposing stately home in Derbyshire, but a few new faces meant we could all see the old place from a fresh perspective.  Here are a selection of the photos we came home with. JoSD123 DSC_8274 by Josd123, on Flickr DSC_8267 by Josd123, on Flickr DSC_8155 by Josd123, on Flickr DSC_8121 by Josd123, on Flickr DSC_8106 by…
%PM, %12 %868 %2012 %19:%Feb

Sherwood Forest

Feb 2012 - Our first ever outing was to Sherwood Forest.  The snow made for some interesting shots, here are a few from that chilly morning.  
%AM, %09 %377 %2015 %08:%Mar

Mam Tor Sunrise Expedition

The original plan for our March outing to Mam Tor was to meet at the Mam Nick car park at 9.30am, stroll up to Mam Tor Summit and then maybe head over to Blue John's Cave.  Then someone pointed out that Mam Tor is an excellent place to watch the sun rise and that, being March, we were getting to the end of 'sunrise season', meaning from this point onwards sunrises would happen too early…
%AM, %23 %041 %2013 %00:%May

Vulcan Bomber

October 2012 - Back to the mechanical in October, we went to pay a visit to the Vulcan Bomber at Doncaster's Robin Hood airport.  Here the group's photographers were challenged with low lighting whilst trying to maintain a narrow aperture to get the massive plane in focus.              
%PM, %13 %957 %2015 %21:%Apr

Old Factory Ghost Hunting

As amateur photographers there is nothing we enjoy more than an exclusive look around somewhere interesting, so when member ColinER managed to swing us an invitation to take a tour around a local Refractory Products manufacturing site we jumped at the chance.  Of course, there was talk of a ghost living somewhere on site, nobody has ever seen it but it is always there in the corner of your eye. Could the ghost hide from…
%AM, %22 %041 %2013 %00:%May

Mercedes-Benz Sheffield

July 2012 - Our friends at JCT 600 invited the group to attend a two-day special event to launch a new car which we all thoroughly enjoyed!  
%PM, %24 %912 %2014 %20:%Jul

Sheffield Cycling Grand Prix 2014

23rd July 2014 - Normally on the fourth Wednesday of the month we have our social meeting in Sheffield, but since the Grand Prix was rolling through town at the same time we just had to make our way down there instead.  Here are a few of our best shots. rpsmith79 Leader Of The Pack by RichPICings, on Flickr sabbath18 CYCLING GRAND PRIX-26 by Sabbath18, on Flickr CYCLING GRAND PRIX-23 by Sabbath18, on Flickr CYCLING…
%AM, %24 %390 %2015 %08:%Feb

Wardsend Cemetery

On Sunday morning, 22nd Feb we took a spooky walk around Wardsend Cemetery for our second outdoor outing of 2015.  It was a little cold and a bit grey which as it happens is the ideal weather for graveyard photography. Here are some of the photos that our members came home with. Gail99 DSC_3731 by gailmoss99, on Flickr DSC_3741 by gailmoss99, on Flickr DSC_3812 by gailmoss99, on Flickr DSC_3739 by gailmoss99, on Flickr DSC_3735 by…
%AM, %29 %524 %2013 %11:%May

Barrow Hill Roundhouse

April 2013 - Moving from old planes in March to old trains in April, we took a wander around Barrow Hill Roundhouse in Chesterfield.                             1 (1 of 1)-28 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-26 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-78 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-77 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-70 by sheffieldchap2,…
%PM, %23 %878 %2013 %20:%May

Sheffield General Cemetery

November 2012 - In November we visited a place that most of us never knew was lurking behind one of Sheffield's most vibrant areas.                     DSC_3056 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3048 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2976 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3074 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3001 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3102 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3015 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3078 by Catherine-R, on Flickr
%AM, %07 %316 %2013 %06:%Oct

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

January 2013 - Our first outing in 2013 was a gentle stroll around the beautiful Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We managed to spend a fairly decent amount of time out and about until the rain came along and put and end to the photography, fortunately YSP also has a nice coffee shop! CSC_4335 by Catherine-R, on Flickr CSC_4332 by Catherine-R, on Flickr 27th January by Catherine-R, on Flickr CSC_4346 by Catherine-R, on Flickr CSC_4339 by Catherine-R,…
%AM, %23 %041 %2013 %00:%May

SYFR Training Session

August 2012 - The South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service very kindly allowed us to attend one of their training sessions, and they put on quite a show.  They even used some of our images for their website.                      
%AM, %22 %361 %2013 %07:%Aug

Wire Wool Spinning

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So you want to have a go at wire-wool spinning? What you'll need Photo equipment Your camera A suitable lens (something wide probably) Tripod Remote shutter (not essential but definitely preferable) It may also be worth considering a filter to protect the glass on the lens if you intend to get close to the action Wire wool spinning by theywereinvisible, on Flickr   Materials Plenty of wire wool, 'fine' works best A metal chain for…
%PM, %09 %943 %2014 %21:%Mar

Tropical Butterfly House

March 2014 - The weather was kind as the group had a nosey around the Tropical Butterfly House in North Anstron and discovered that there was a lot more than just butterflies to point cameras at. Here are a few of the highlights. Mr Peacock // 09 03 14 by Manadh, on Flickr Mr Flutterby by Manadh, on Flickr Mr Terrapin by Manadh, on Flickr Mr Owl by Manadh, on Flickr smug otter by Catherine-R,…
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The aspects of night photography by Darren Flinders After buying my DSLR, night photography has become one of my favourite hobbies, the reason, for me, is that, things look so different in a night shot, it seems to open up another world of dancing lights, great reflections and star trails. So in this short tutorial, I am going to try and explain the techniques I use to create a wonderful night shot.   The main…
For nearly 2 years our members have been showing off their wildlife and nature photos on a thread on our forum called Show off your Wildlife/Nature shots (we can be quite literal around here at times).  This thread has been wildly popular and can take quite a while to browse,…
%AM, %23 %327 %2013 %06:%May

Supercars in the City 2012

July 2012 - When Supercar club Supercar Driver came to Sheffield to show off their cars for charity we just had to get down there!  
%PM, %29 %611 %2013 %13:%Jul

Supercars In The City 2013

July 2013 - For the second year running we made our way into Sheffield city centre to take in the sights and sounds of Supercars in the City! Lotus Exige S by RichPICings, on Flickr Lotus Exige S by RichPICings, on Flickr SLS AMG by RichPICings, on Flickr The Benz by RichPICings, on Flickr Maserati GranTurismo by RichPICings, on Flickr SLS AMG by RichPICings, on Flickr Audi R8 by RichPICings, on Flickr Lotus Exige S…
%AM, %29 %517 %2013 %11:%May

SY Aircraft Museum

March 2013 - Here we are in March visiting the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum in Doncaster.  Well worth a visit if you're interested in military aviation.                   1 (1 of 1)-11 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-62 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-61 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-48 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-47 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr
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Band Photography

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If you're interested in music and photography, what better way than combining the two and photographing bands? Exactly how easy is it? What equipment do you need and can anyone do it? Can you just turn up with your camera and shoot? How do you get the settings right?   There are many questions associated with music photography and hopefully I'm going to try and explain the technical side in this tutorial so that if…
%PM, %22 %801 %2015 %18:%Jul

Graffiti, Rooftops & Street Performance

In the three years that this group has been running, and out of over 50 outings to all sorts of places around the region, by far the most popular is a gentle stroll around Sheffield city centre as the sun goes down.  There's something about this city whether it be daylight, twilight or dead of night, there is always something interesting to photograph. As usual we started at the train station, but this time we…
%AM, %29 %513 %2013 %11:%May

Sheffield Canal

February 2013 - Here's a couple of snaps from our walk up and down Sheffield Canal in Feb 2013.                        
%AM, %03 %041 %2014 %00:%Dec

Seal Pups at Donna Nook

This time last year we made an early morning trek to the east coast to catch the sunrise on the beach of Cleethorpes and on our way home discovered the seal pups at Donna Nook.  Well who could resist going back again this year to see that amazing sight again....   rpsmith79 Grey Seal Pup by RichPICings, on Flickr Grey Seal Reflection by RichPICings, on Flickr Grey Seal by RichPICings, on Flickr Seal Pup by…
%PM, %27 %610 %2015 %13:%Jul

Yorkshire Sculpture Park... again

Since the last time we went to the Yorkshire Scupture Park it was a little rainy we decided to plan another outing there, however, most of our members ended up being rather busy and weren't able to attend, so today's blog is a special report from Gail: Had very enjoyable trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Never visited there before - it is a huge area, lots of sculptures in the landscape forming an outside gallery…
%AM, %09 %368 %2015 %07:%Jun

Ladybower Reservoir @ Sunset

The great thing about spring is that the sunset happens later, giving us the chance to get out in the evenings and capture the majesty of the sun going down in various scenic locations around Yorkshire. At the end of April 2015 we embarked on an evening walk to Ladybower reservoir and were treated to a lovely sunset, here are a few of our photos. Ladybower Sunset by James Morgan, on Flickr Ladybower Sunset by…
%PM, %24 %589 %2013 %13:%Aug

Finding Exif Data

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exif data is the information your camera saves when you take a picture. it saves info such as when, with what lens, which settings way of finding your exif data is through Flickr. here is the steps on how to access it. click the "..." [in pink] on the bottom right of your page. then select "view exif info" once you are on this page, you can see all your information about how you…
%AM, %29 %528 %2013 %11:%May

Sheffield Sunset Walk

April 2013 - The first time we met for a 'Fourth Tuesday' meet we decided to take the opportunity to walk around Sheffield and take in some sights along the way.                
%AM, %29 %532 %2013 %11:%May

The Moor, Sheffield

May 2013 - For our May outing we took to the streets of Sheffield once again for some street photography.  This time we took a walk up The Moor which is currently undergoing some much needed regeneration.                            
There are few things in life worth photographing more than distinguished gentlemen riding motorbikes, so when we found out that there would be a collection of said chaps going on in our own city of Sheffield we simply had to get down there. We had arranged to meet at the Steam Yard cafe just off Division Street at 9am, which as it turns out was a little early.  When we got there we saw a…
%PM, %20 %910 %2012 %20:%Jul

Tramlines 2012

July 2012 - We attempted a photo walk around Sheffield city centre during Tramlines, here is what we saw.            
%AM, %20 %327 %2015 %06:%Aug

Lotus Track Day

The Location: Donington Park The Event: Lotus Track Day The Mission: Panning!  Yep, another of our special access events thanks to tekker tracydavy's brother who was taking part in this event.  We're always on the lookout for special events and tours to take part in, put your ideas in the comments below or join our forum to connect with the group. Anyway, back to the story of the day; great fun, great cars and some…
%PM, %22 %844 %2013 %19:%May


April 2012 - Our trip to Castleton ended up being a bit of a wash-out, literally.