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At least once a month we get out as a group on an organised outing of some description, and being a group of people who enjoy taking photos we usually come home with a very interesting and generally appealing selection of photos.  This blog is a record of where we have been and the photos we took at the time.

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Tropical Butterfly House

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March 2014 - The weather was kind as the group had a nosey around the Tropical Butterfly House in North Anstron and discovered that there was a lot more than just butterflies to point cameras at. Here are a few of the highlights.

Mr Peacock // 09 03 14 by Manadh, on Flickr

Mr Flutterby by Manadh, on Flickr

Mr Terrapin by Manadh, on Flickr

Mr Owl by Manadh, on Flickr

smug otter by Catherine-R, on Flickr

peacock by Catherine-R, on Flickr

butterfly by Catherine-R, on Flickr

ants by Catherine-R, on Flickr

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