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At least once a month we get out as a group on an organised outing of some description, and being a group of people who enjoy taking photos we usually come home with a very interesting and generally appealing selection of photos.  This blog is a record of where we have been and the photos we took at the time.

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park... again

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Since the last time we went to the Yorkshire Scupture Park it was a little rainy we decided to plan another outing there, however, most of our members ended up being rather busy and weren't able to attend, so today's blog is a special report from Gail:

Had very enjoyable trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Never visited there before - it is a huge area, lots of sculptures in the landscape forming an outside gallery which works really well. I particularly enjoyed the Moores and having seen them outside cannot imagine why they should ever be seen inside.  Would plan to go back as didn't manage to see everything before having to leave and didn't get chance to look at the indoor galleries. A few shots from the day:



_DSC3395 by Gail Moss, on Flickr
Buddha - Niki de Saint Phalle

_DSC3421 by Gail Moss, on Flickr
Sitting - Sophie Ryder

_DSC3453 by Gail Moss, on Flickr
Network - Thomas J Price

_DSC3412 by Gail Moss, on Flickr
Seated figures - Magdalena Abakanowicz

_DSC3372 by Gail Moss, on Flickr
Molecule Man 1+1+1

_DSC3265 by Gail Moss, on Flickr
Moore - magnificent

_DSC3274 by Gail Moss, on Flickr

_DSC3330 by Gail Moss, on Flickr

_DSC3473 by Gail Moss, on Flickr
Iron Tree - Ai Wei Wei (Chinese artist)


_DSC3476 by Gail Moss, on Flickr
Landscape - Moss

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