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Welcome to the 'I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos' Blog

At least once a month we get out as a group on an organised outing of some description, and being a group of people who enjoy taking photos we usually come home with a very interesting and generally appealing selection of photos.  This blog is a record of where we have been and the photos we took at the time.

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Welcome to our Nature, Wildlife & The Great Outdoors Outings Blog!

One of the staples of our group is getting out into nature and going out on a good old fashioned photo-walk around the countryside, in the peaks and anywhere we can point our lenses at some nature.   Browse the articles below to see where we've been.

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park... again

Since the last time we went to the Yorkshire Scupture Park it was a little rainy we decided to plan another outing there, however, most of our members ended up being rather busy and weren't able to attend, so today's blog is a special report from Gail: Had very enjoyable trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Never visited there before - it is a huge area, lots of sculptures in the landscape forming an outside gallery…
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Shining Tor

Usually when we try to plan a photo walk based on an actual walking route it takes us at least 3 hours longer than it would any normal walking group since we keep stopping to take photos.  As it happened for this particular walk to the summit of Shining Tor we managed to make it in almost the right amount of time, despite getting lost on the way back. This may actually have been one…
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Thor's Cave

When we stumbled upon Thor's Cave in our book of walks in the Peak District none of us had heard of it, but the description in the book piqued our interest enough that we just had to make the walk down there.  The actual walking route in the book is about 7 miles long, but in our experience what would take normal walkers a few hours would take photographers days, so we chopped out most…
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Ladybower Reservoir @ Sunset

The great thing about spring is that the sunset happens later, giving us the chance to get out in the evenings and capture the majesty of the sun going down in various scenic locations around Yorkshire. At the end of April 2015 we embarked on an evening walk to Ladybower reservoir and were treated to a lovely sunset, here are a few of our photos. Ladybower Sunset by James Morgan, on Flickr Ladybower Sunset by…
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Mam Tor Sunrise Expedition

The original plan for our March outing to Mam Tor was to meet at the Mam Nick car park at 9.30am, stroll up to Mam Tor Summit and then maybe head over to Blue John's Cave.  Then someone pointed out that Mam Tor is an excellent place to watch the sun rise and that, being March, we were getting to the end of 'sunrise season', meaning from this point onwards sunrises would happen too early…
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Seal Pups at Donna Nook

This time last year we made an early morning trek to the east coast to catch the sunrise on the beach of Cleethorpes and on our way home discovered the seal pups at Donna Nook.  Well who could resist going back again this year to see that amazing sight again....   rpsmith79 Grey Seal Pup by RichPICings, on Flickr Grey Seal Reflection by RichPICings, on Flickr Grey Seal by RichPICings, on Flickr Seal Pup by…
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Chatsworth Park

For our October 2014 'second weekend' outing we took a chance on the weather and planned to be outdoors.  Fortunately the gamble paid off and we were treated to some mysterious fog as we arrived at Chatsworth house, then as we progressed along our extended 8km walk around the outskirts of Chatsworth Gardens the fog lifted and we were treated to some spectacular views along with a few hidden gems scattered about the park. Oh…
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Quest to find Little John's Pool

7th September 2014 - For our monthly outing for September we set out to find the fabled 'Little John's Pool' and although we didn't manage to find it we still had a lovely morning scrambling around in the forest. Here are some of the photos we took. Manadh Of the captivating coloursof autumn // 07 09 14 by Manadh, on Flickr mesmorgan IJWTGP Surprise View by They Were Invisible, on Flickr IJWTGP Surprise View by…
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Wyming Brook

July 2014 - Despite a chilly and slightly rainy start to the morning we had a very successful trek through the slightly tricky footing of Wyming Brook.  Spectacular scenery and stunning water flowing through the brook were the rewards on offer.   Here are a few of the snaps... rpsmith79 Mini Forest by RichPICings, on Flickr Wyming Brook by RichPICings, on Flickr Wyming Brook by RichPICings, on Flickr Wyming Brook by RichPICings, on Flickr Wyming…
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Peregrine Falcons @ St George's Church

5th June 2014 - The roof of St George's church in Sheffield is currently home to a family of Peregrine Falcons so a handful of tekkers packed their longest zooms and headed down to take a look. rpsmith79 Dinner Time by RichPICings, on Flickr Soaring Falcon by RichPICings, on Flickr Bringing Home The Bacon by RichPICings, on Flickr Jkphoto Sabbath18 Falcon-11 by yorky2009, on Flickr Falcon-1 by yorky2009, on Flickr Falcon-14 by yorky2009, on Flickr…
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Tropical Butterfly House

March 2014 - The weather was kind as the group had a nosey around the Tropical Butterfly House in North Anstron and discovered that there was a lot more than just butterflies to point cameras at. Here are a few of the highlights. Mr Peacock // 09 03 14 by Manadh, on Flickr Mr Flutterby by Manadh, on Flickr Mr Terrapin by Manadh, on Flickr Mr Owl by Manadh, on Flickr smug otter by Catherine-R,…
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Langsett Reservoir

February 2014 - It's been a few months since we had a good old fashioned walk outdoors so we set a date and met up for a walk around Langsett Reservoir. It didn't rain much but it was dull and cloudy and extremely windy, but at least we got to walk a few miles and meet a few new people along the way. Here are a few of the photos we took on that windy…
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Cleethorpes Sunrise & Donna Nook

November 2013 - We undertook our most ambitious outing to date on Sunday 10th November as we decided to take advantage of the shorter days to catch the sun rising over the sea in Cleethorpes. If was extraordinarily cold and such an early start but it really paid off as we came home with some stunning images. The Siren // 10 11 13 by Manadh, on Flickr The Shell by Manadh, on Flickr Sunrise, Cleethorpes…
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Rivelin Valley

October 2013 - Rivelin Valley has been right on our doorstep all this time, we finally made our way there for our October 2013 outing, here are some of our snaps. Oak Leaves by Manadh, on Flickr Le Petit Chaperon Rouge // 20 10 13 by Manadh, on Flickr What Used To Be by Catherine-R, on Flickr Bridge by Catherine-R, on Flickr Weir by Catherine-R, on Flickr Leaves by Catherine-R, on Flickr Rush by Catherine-R,…
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Longshaw Estate

September 2013 - For our September outing we once again returned to nature after a long stint covering urban landscapes. We had originally intended to go to Padley Gorge but we never got that far, so here are some of our snaps from our walk from the Longshaw Estate visitor centre to Burbage Brook. Scenic by Mov1eP3ycho, on Flickr Flow by Mov1eP3ycho, on Flickr         Swoosh by Manadh, on Flickr Untitled by…
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April 2012 - Our trip to Castleton ended up being a bit of a wash-out, literally.
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Sherwood Forest

Feb 2012 - Our first ever outing was to Sherwood Forest.  The snow made for some interesting shots, here are a few from that chilly morning.