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At least once a month we get out as a group on an organised outing of some description, and being a group of people who enjoy taking photos we usually come home with a very interesting and generally appealing selection of photos.  This blog is a record of where we have been and the photos we took at the time.

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Welcome to our Historical & Cultural Photo Outings Blog!

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%AM, %24 %390 %2015 %08:%Feb

Wardsend Cemetery

On Sunday morning, 22nd Feb we took a spooky walk around Wardsend Cemetery for our second outdoor outing of 2015.  It was a little cold and a bit grey which as it happens is the ideal weather for graveyard photography. Here are some of the photos that our members came home with. Gail99 DSC_3731 by gailmoss99, on Flickr DSC_3741 by gailmoss99, on Flickr DSC_3812 by gailmoss99, on Flickr DSC_3739 by gailmoss99, on Flickr DSC_3735 by…
%PM, %24 %618 %2015 %13:%Jan

Walk Around Park Hill Flats

January 2015 - Urban Splash are now most of the way through the redevelopment of Park Hill Flats and there is now only 1 of the 5 phases left to be redeveloped, so we saw this as our last opportunity to have a look around what was left of the original streets in the sky.   We met on what was a chilly but sunny morning at the top of the amphitheatre behind the train…
%AM, %02 %041 %2014 %00:%Nov

Halloween in Whitby

For our November photo walk we decided to make an extra special journey to the east coast to take in the wonders of Whitby during Halloween weekend.  We met some very interesting people and took some amazing photos (if we do say so ourselves!).  Much credit to the folks who came dressed in all sorts out outstanding outfits, and thank you to all who let us point our cameras at them.  This really was street…
%AM, %17 %318 %2014 %06:%Jun

Sutton Scarsdale Hall

June 2014 - As a group this was our second visit to Sutton Scarsdale hall, the shell of an imposing stately home in Derbyshire, but a few new faces meant we could all see the old place from a fresh perspective.  Here are a selection of the photos we came home with. JoSD123 DSC_8274 by Josd123, on Flickr DSC_8267 by Josd123, on Flickr DSC_8155 by Josd123, on Flickr DSC_8121 by Josd123, on Flickr DSC_8106 by…
%PM, %19 %939 %2014 %21:%Jan

Humber Bridge

January 2014 - After our early start to Cleethorpes paid off with some stunning photos we decided to head back to the east coast to capture another sunrise, this time through the magnificent Humber Bridge. Unfortunately the weather wasn't so kind this time around and we never actually saw the sun, so we had to make do with some misty long-exposures instead. Here are some of our snaps from that wet morning.   The Humber…
%AM, %07 %316 %2013 %06:%Oct

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

January 2013 - Our first outing in 2013 was a gentle stroll around the beautiful Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We managed to spend a fairly decent amount of time out and about until the rain came along and put and end to the photography, fortunately YSP also has a nice coffee shop! CSC_4335 by Catherine-R, on Flickr CSC_4332 by Catherine-R, on Flickr 27th January by Catherine-R, on Flickr CSC_4346 by Catherine-R, on Flickr CSC_4339 by Catherine-R,…
%PM, %01 %592 %2013 %13:%Oct

Chesterfield Canal

September 2013 - As a bonus outing a few of us took a stroll up the Chesterfield Canal starting at Kiveton Park, here are some of the snaps. Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal by theywereinvisible, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal, Kiveton by RichPICings, on Flickr Chesterfield Canal, Kiveton by…
%AM, %29 %524 %2013 %11:%May

Barrow Hill Roundhouse

April 2013 - Moving from old planes in March to old trains in April, we took a wander around Barrow Hill Roundhouse in Chesterfield.                             1 (1 of 1)-28 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-26 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-78 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-77 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-70 by sheffieldchap2,…
%AM, %29 %517 %2013 %11:%May

SY Aircraft Museum

March 2013 - Here we are in March visiting the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum in Doncaster.  Well worth a visit if you're interested in military aviation.                   1 (1 of 1)-11 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-62 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-61 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-48 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr 1 (1 of 1)-47 by sheffieldchap2, on Flickr
%AM, %29 %513 %2013 %11:%May

Sheffield Canal

February 2013 - Here's a couple of snaps from our walk up and down Sheffield Canal in Feb 2013.                        
%PM, %23 %878 %2013 %20:%May

Sheffield General Cemetery

November 2012 - In November we visited a place that most of us never knew was lurking behind one of Sheffield's most vibrant areas.                     DSC_3056 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3048 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2976 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3074 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3001 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3102 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3015 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_3078 by Catherine-R, on Flickr
%PM, %23 %871 %2013 %19:%May

Sutton Scarsdale Hall

September 2012 - In September we took a break from city life and went out to explore the ruins of Sutton Scarsdale Hall in Derbyshire.               DSC_2752 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2695 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2736 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2707 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2670 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2688 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2713 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2654 by Catherine-R, on Flickr DSC_2682 by Catherine-R, on…